Pricing & Submission Guidelines

Light (Basic) Proofreading: $2.00 per page

Light Editing: $2.50 per page

I charge more for Light Editing due to the fact that although it is very similar to Light (Basic) Proofreading, it differs in the respect that it customarily involves projects of a more last minute/rush job/down-to-the-wire nature.

Extended Proofreading (Line-By-Line Editing/Copyediting): $3.00 per page

Typing: $1.50 per double-spaced page

Fees are based on PC-formatted, MS (Microsoft) Word documents with one-inch margins, a 12-point font, 8 ½ x 11 inch paper size, double-spaced text, and approximately 250 words per page. Some sites say 300 words per page but 250 words per page is the ‘industry standard.’

To calculate your total page count, divide your total word count by 250. Your total page and total word count should display in the lower left hand corner of your MS Word document if you have a more up-to-date version of MS Word.

Note: In addition to the fee-based criteria stated above, and before any terms are negotiated, I would require that you first submit the most problematic chapter in your manuscript or several sections of what you would consider to be the most troublesome areas in your document so that I can assess your submission to see if it constitutes a written work in need of a more Heavy, Deep or Structural Edit (or potentially even a complete Revision or Rewrite) versus a project that falls more within the realm of my qualifications and prior work experience in regards to Light (Basic) Proofreading or Extended Proofreading (Line-By-Line Editing or Copyediting). I have learned from experience that this is, by far, the best approach for both parties involved.

Disclaimer: To avoid the danger of plagiarism I ask that any project, manuscript, document or submission you wish for me to seriously consider has no more than 300 words from any one given author quoted in it. My premise for this request is based on the book written by Jonathan Kirsch entitled, Kirsch’s Handbook of Publishing Law for Authors, Publishers, Editors and Agents, written in 1996. For additional information, you may visit his website at: